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Since 1948 large clocks have been manufactured at Harzer by experienced clock-makers, mechanicians, joiners and wood-carvers. Almost all components of the large clocks are made in traditional, but also rational manner in the extensive workshops.

The manufacture of the bellows for the cuckoo-clocks in  Harzer's own workshops is unique in Germany today. 50 employees are constantly endeavoured to manufacture quality products for customers at home and abroad.

The Harzer Uhrenfabrik with its Guiness Book records, i.e. "Giant cuckoo-clock" and "Giant weather house", show production, museum rooms and gastronomic facilities is a magnet for the visitors and the region near the "Road of Romanesque" would be unthinkable without it. Every year more than one hundred thousand individuals visit the factory. They find the greatest exhibition of Harzer clocks in Germany and, in addition, they can watch the various steps of production.

Clocks NZ Ltd import a selection of the Harzer range.

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Cuckoo Clocks

Weatherhouse Clocks


 Swinging Doll Clocks


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