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anton schneider

Anton Schneider began producing cuckoo clocks in 1848 in his farmhouse in Schonach. The Schneider family business is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at its current location since 1952.

The Schneider clock factory is among the most modern and largest cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest. Inspite of this, the old tradition of performing valuable carving work by hand has been maintained. A love of detail combined with ancient handicraft skills are today the characteristics of the new generation of high value cuckoo clocks.

The Schneider company employs highly qualified workers, most of whom have worked for them for the last 20 to 40 years. Every worker is specialised in the quality production of high value cuckoo clocks. This is emphasised by their leading position in the production of cuckoo clocks with music and dancing figurines as well as those with moving scenes and hand-carved figurines.

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